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  • Discover non pharmacological, natural, complementary and proven preventatives used to reduce migraine attacks
  • Uncover how each treatment works with simple but scientific explanations and research results from clinically referenced sources
  • Find effective alternatives to the harsh side effects of common medicinal preventatives for migraine treatments

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What Others Are Saying:

Thank you so much Carl - you know way more than 47 years of Dr’s and specialists visits, keep doing your work, its been really helpful, all of your work, thank you.
— Louise
Thank you Carl!!!!!
— Rosemary
— Sally


Carl is the founder of MigrainePal, a website and community of people looking for medically referenced and reliable facts about migraine to help improve their condition. Carl has had migraines for 25 years including 7 years of chronic migraine. Today, he is in remission (not cured) and helps others to better understand their migraines & improve their condition.