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About Carl

You and I probably aren’t so different. We both get migraines and when they occur they can ruin your day.

Very few people really understand what you go through unless they have migraines themselves. It’s not just the pain and agony of the migraine themselves, but the risk of the next migraine attack occurring at the worst possible time… It can keep you constantly on edge… Making it difficult or impossible to confirm plans and driving a wedge between you and everyone else.

Migraines are a neurological disorder that can eventually impact every aspect of your life. Research has shown the heavy toll chronic migraine takes on relationships, work, happiness and your quality of life.

I didn’t choose to have migraine and neither did you.

Unfair things happen. Whether its being diagnosed with a disease, demoted for a mistake you didn’t make or convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. The ref might make a bad call, an agreement might be abrogated, a partner might let you down.

Our instinct is to fight these unfairnesses, to succumb if there’s no choice, but to go down kicking and screaming. We want to make it clear that we won’t accept injustice easily, we want to teach the system a lesson, we want them to know that we’re not a pushover.

But will it change the situation? Will the diagnosis be changed, the outcome of the call be any different?

What if, instead, we went at it singing and dancing? What if we walked into our four-year prison sentence determined to learn more, do more and contribute more than anyone had ever dreamed? What if we saw the derailment of one path as the opportunity to grow or to invent or to find another path?

This is incredibly difficult work, but it seems far better than the alternative.
— Seth Godin

Whilst Seth may not suffer in the same way as we do, he offers an enlightened path in the battle against migraine. 

Migraines have been a part of my life for 26 years. I experience migraine with aura. A shoulder injury playing sport triggered a rapid decline from episodic migraines, with a frequency of 2 migraines a year, to chronic migraines which lasted 7 years. At my worst, I could experience 6 attacks a week.

3 years ago I recovered from chronic migraine and have been in remission with around 6 attacks per year. No cure, but still life changing.

Recovering from chronic migraines was by far the hardest thing I've ever done.

You can be smart, persistent, conduct research, follow the doctor’s directions instructions and still fail over and over.

For so many reasons managing migraines is difficult. But it is absolutely necessary.

MigrainePal helps those with migraine get the facts with medically referenced answers.

With over 1 million page views to date, you can find practical and scientifically based insights to help tip the scales at the doctor's office.

MigrainePal is authored by me, Carl Cincinnato, the founder of the Migraine World Summit and former manager at one of the biggest health companies in the world. Welcome!

MigrainePal was created because I had unanswered questions and disappointing results from the experts.

As I discover more facts, findings and results, for better or worse, I share them here along with the insights, research and news I pick up along the way. 

MigrainePal is not a journal of my personal struggles.

It's about sharing the facts about migraine, getting better results and supporting each other. 


My goal is to help prevent 1 million migraine attacks and move the needle in the global burden of migraine. 

This will be accomplished this through:

  • The articles and insights shared on
  • As founder, cohost and producer of the Migraine World Summit which is the largest migraine patient event of it's kind.
  • As a partner to many other migraine institutions and foundations


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