Migraine Glossary

When reading or researching about migraine an unfamiliar word or term might appear.

Looking up the meaning is sometimes easier said than done. Many terms might be medical references whose meaning varies depending on what context or medical condition is being referred to.

Others are words you might never have heard of. 

Whilst I do my best to keep MigrainePal articles as reader friendly as possible, occasionally some migraine or medical terminology may slip in.

To help establish a common understanding of these terms in a migraine-specific context, I’ve added a glossary of migraine terms to the MigrainePal website.

Take a peek, you might discover something that better describes your condition or experience. I'll be very impressed if you already know the meaning to all the terms listed (if so let me know!).

Being able to describe your condition more accurately also helps inform doctors with better information which can lead to a more effective treatment.

If there are any terms missing that you think should be added let me know!

I’ll be constantly adding new terms and links to this section over time.