MigrainePal is a resource for people with migraine to discover more about their condition through our guides and articles, separate fact from fiction and uncover that there is life and hope after being diagnosed with migraines.

MigrainePal is also a mobile phone and desktop app. The app is a smart diary that helps you:

  1. Uncover your triggers
  2. Record your medications
  3. Track your symptoms
  4. Measure your progress
  5. Share with your doctor

It was developed because the current solutions out there don't work effectively but the technology exists to help you take control our condition. 

It is a diary for the 21st century, developed in collaboration with neurologists, doctors, patients and a national migraine foundation. 


Our Mission

Our goal is to prevent 1 million migraines.

This is certainly not something we can do with just a handful of people. But with powerful free tools provided by MigrainePal and your help, we can prevent more attacks than ever before.
— Carl, Founder of MigrainePal

What We've Achieved

  • MigrainePal has prevented 2,814 migraines to date.
  • Around 50% of users improve within 4 weeks.
  • The average rate of improvement is a 45% reduction in migraine frequency
  • Results based during beta trial conducted in Mar-Oct, 2014 study n=255.