MigrainePal helps you find easy to understand medically referenced facts to help control migraine.

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Inside you'll find practical and scientifically based methods to help improve your condition.

MigrainePal is authored by Carl Cincinnato, founder of the Migraine World Summit and member of the International Headache Society. 

Carl regularly translates the latest migraine research into plain English and shares insights from his 55+ interviews with world leading experts from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Stanford Medical, John Hopkins and many other leading institutions.

If this is your first time...

Welcome and thank you for dropping by. Migraine can be unpredictable, complicated and miserable. After countless disappointments with doctors and "specialists" Carl began studying and researching migraine for himself.

At the time, he had been so thoroughly beaten down by recurring attacks he was afraid to mention the word "migraine" let alone study it.

Researching credible sources was the beginning of Carl's remission from chronic migraine. Information and knowledge provides understanding, confidence and ultimately a much greater ability to control your condition. 

This website is not a personal journal or a "dear diary blog". It's about new research, treatments and findings to reduce the burden of migraine. Writing is not outsourced and guest posts are not used.

Every effort has been made to reference medical and efficiacy claims so that you can always read deeper or check the facts in any article. 


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If you've just begun your migraine journey or if you've had migraine for decades it's important you understand the fundamentals. Take a few minutes to have a quick review of this content just make sure there are no big gaps of knowledge:

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